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It has been a while. Posts will return regularly soon. That is a promise.


Week 11

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Back again with another amazing post about food! I’m not sure if anyone has noticed it in my posts, but I have an obsession with FoodWishes on YouTube. Chef John is regularly uploading videos with great recipes that make me quite jealous that I didn’t come up with it myself, but this one I cannot be jealous about this one since I’m not even old enough to say that I wish I did. This particular post, I’m talking about fresh made soda.

Now in the video Chef John makes a strawberry syrup for strawberry soda. The process of making the syrup is lot less complicated than I thought it would be. Though this video is made with only strawberries, I’m sure it can be made with other fruits for different flavors. Maybe a Cranberry and Mango (Cranbango, also from FoodWishes) syrup would work out nicely.

Alright I’ll just cut to the chase, here’s the video and link of the video.

That looks delicious, as mentioned in the video the syrup can be used in other drinks such as Iced Tea. Chef John has not disappointed me yet with his great videos.

Week 10

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This week I’m heading back to my Vietnamese roots with a post about food with a Vietnamese twist.

The great Momofuku restaurants yields a bakery called The Crack Pie. Now I’m not sure if it actually contains crack, but I have to assume it’s just that good. Now here comes the Vietnamese twist. This recipe for crack pie has Vietnamese coffee in it, aka the best coffee in the world. It’s strong, and has a nice touch of sweetness from the condensed milk. Pour that over a glass of crushed ice and you have the best drink besides you for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner.

Now to get to the real exciting part, the recipe. I’ve never had crack pie before, but this recipe makes me want to hop to a 24 hour Walmart and buy the ingredients I need to make it. It looks delicious and I would bet all the money in my wallet that it tastes divine. Chef David Chang would be proud of this recipe, and so would Chef Christina Tosi, the head chef of the Momofuku Milk Bar, the home of the Crack Pie. Here’s a nice photo of the Vietnamese Coffee Crack Pie and a link for the recipe.

Week 9

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Hello there! I’m back again with another post on food. Today I had off from school cause of Memorial Day. Yeah I know, it was yesterday, but the school decided to let us have both Monday and Tuesday off. Anyway… how could I ever spend this lovely day besides doing homework and boring myself to death? That’s right, Cooking Channel on demand! I started out watching the episodes of Unique Eats they had available, and then slowly transitioned to the Unique Sweets show. Needless to say one segment of Unique Sweets: Frozen caught my attention.

There is a small popsicle stand in the Chelsea Food Market called People’s Pops where they specialize in organic frozen popsicles. There are zero additives and tiny amounts of sugar added to their product. The one popsicle that really caught my attention was the Roasted Peach and Ginger popsicle.

The ingredients are simple.

Roasted Peaches

Ginger infused Simple Syrup

Yup, that’s it! They mix both ingredients together and place them in molds. Now their freezing process is quite a mouthful explain in type so here’s a video.

Here’s the link for those who can’t see the video.

Sorry for the bad quality, it was all i could find on YouTube.

Looks amazing huh? I would love to try one of their popsicles, or maybe all of them…

the Peach Ginger Pop and the Blueberry Apricot Pop. Man they look good!

Week 8

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Back again with another unique recipe! About a year ago I stumbled on a recipe for Basil Lemonade during my independent study in high school. I was curious on how it would taste so I decided to make it in class. The recipe calls for a ridiculous amount of Basil for the Basil Syrup, but man do you taste the Basil. In total time it takes about 30 minutes, but I wanted to add another dimension of flavor by adding in my own little twist with a Orange syrup that is topped onto the drink. I really enjoyed it, but my friends… well not so much. It did not matter, they were used to eating french fries in large amounts.

Here’s the recipe that I used to make the Basil Lemonade

And here’s the quick recipe for the Orange syrup.

2 cups of Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, that’s it!

Place the orange juice in a 2 quart sauce pan and bring to a boil. Reduce the liquid down to 1/2 cup. Chill before serving. depending on how many drinks you can make will determine how much of the Orange Syrup you want to use, or just use as much as you want. For a different kind of orange flavor try using Blood Oranges, they’re phenomenal!

Week 7

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Last Sunday I started an independent project in school with one of my past chef instructors, Chef Fuss. Being my Culinary Skills II teacher, I really wanted his help on this project. The project I was working on was a Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce, sounds interesting right? After looking online for a recipe that I hoped would work out, I went into his class and started on it. After about an   hour of preparing the sauce, it turned out to taste more on the tomato side and not a single hint of Dr. Pepper. Both Chef Fuss and I were disappointed on that fact, so to make my time there more valuable, Chef Fuss gave me a tip to just start with making a Dr. Pepper reduction that would be used as the base for the sauce.

The ingredients included:

18 oz of Dr. Pepper

4 – 1/4 inch slices of Ginger

3 Scallions, just the white part, cut in half vertically

3 Garlic cloves smashed

and 1 Tablespoon of Ketchup.

I put all of it in a pot and let that reduce down to 4 oz. the flavor that was in that reduction was unbelievable, and it was only the base! Flavor wise, it was much better than the completed sauce I made earlier. From that reduction I now have to build it into a BBQ sauce. Did I mention this sauce is for a July 4th event? Yeah that’s why I am making it in the first place. Wish me luck! And by the way, I was not able to take a picture of the product since it was not complete. I will have one when it does and it will be in another post.

Week 6

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Here’s a little something from my random YouTube browsing. Actually I’m lying, I subscribed to this channel called foodwishes. Since I mainly cook with Asian flavors I though this would be a nice addition to my blog. I love Thai food. the spice and light touch of acid is amazing, but I’m not a big fan of popcorn. If movie theaters sold this at the concessions stand, they would be 86 on this item in a few hours. Check out the video I have posted, or just click on the link……

……Seriously though, check this out.

Looks delicious huh? Chef John of Food Wishes is a mad genius. I’m quite jealous that someone else came up with this and not me.